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Intertech International ready to offer their Technology Products and Solutions directly from our new WEB Portal “VIP Club” to be delivered in all the Continent from Canada to Argentina! 


Now, Intertech International will offer products and solutions to the American Continent directly from our eStore “VIP CLUB” or through out our local partners or assisted by our logistic operations in Miami;  the challenges were taken by Alejandro Sanchez, an experienced professional on International Business Operations. We will answer you about our products, we will help on your projects, we will provide training, and support to our entire line of products.
If you are interested in doing business with us, please contact Lic. Alejandro Sanchez. E-mail: info@grupointertech.com

Next events:

Soon will be announcing our technology and security solutions tour, where we will be presenting all product lines distribute by Intertech international!
Attend our Tech Presentation about our product line, one of the most complete comprehensive integration system for CCTV and access control solutions, excellent source of power and efficient energy handling technologies, and the GPS System Solution by Inciron Tracking.
It will be an excellent opportunity to certify at a technical level and receive first-hand the manufacturer’s information.
We invite you to our first new store “Intertech Security Center” in the city of Fort Lauderdale with our products, technical service and training courses:
• Technical alarms
• Access Control technician
• CCTV Digital systems technician
• Technical security systems integrator
• Technical GPS Installer for vehicle location
• Wireless communication networks technician
• Security and Control integrated solutions sales
• Operation of center for security and monitoring


As a business partner, and extension of our supply chain in the country. Their extensive experience in large-scale projects enables us to rely on its responsibility and knowledge of the Technology Industry.

Next seminars: Every week we present each manufacturer training courses for sales and technical, new technologies and products.
See our calendar of events on the main page.
Request your participation in the section of skills of our website or write to info@grupointertech.com